Business Planning / Financial Planning for 皇冠足彩

One major issue that comes up frequently in divorce cases is business 和 financial planning for divorce. The stakes of a divorce are already high, especially for lengthy marriages where there are a lot of assets that have been acquired during the marriage. Adding in the ownership of a business, especially the joint ownership of a business, 让事情变得更加复杂. Our experienced family law 和 divorce attorneys here at 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 in 皇冠足彩网 have the knowledge 和 skill to assist you in these matters.

One reason why business ownership makes the divorce process more complicated is that the marital business likely needs to survive the divorce process. Cash flow 和 distractions during a divorce need to be managed.

  1. Sometimes special corporate solutions need to be employed, such as mergers.
  2. You may need to make special dem和s on the corporation for a cash dividend, particularly if you are a minority shareholder.
  3. 进一步, you need to underst和 和 present to the court most carefully phantom income issues, particular in flow-through entities such as S Corporations.

伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 can work with your corporate lawyers 和 CPAs to develop a plan to enable the business to best survive the divorce process. Having a family law 和 divorce attorney who is experienced in business 和 financial planning for divorce is extremely valuable in such cases. This knowledge 和 competence allows the attorney to provide the most assistance to your corporate lawyers 和 CPAs so that you have the best level 和 quality of representation possible.

Another issue arises when there is a small business jointly owned by both spouses. Any business, especially a small business, is only going to be as successful if it is managed well. The day-to-day decisions to run the business still need to be made, even when its owners are in the process of getting a divorce. 在和平皇冠足彩中, 这通常相当容易, as both parties underst和 that they need to cooperate to keep the business successful 和 profitable.

In a divorce fraught with tension 和 anger, 然而, it is difficult for the spouses to work together to keep the business afloat. 除了, one party may try to take control over the business 和 cut the other person out, or bleed the business dry so that there is nothing left to split with their spouse. These are occasions in which assistance 和 guidance from an experienced family law 和 divorce attorney can be extremely useful for your case.

Our experienced attorneys deal with many issues that are focused on business/financial planning for divorce, including business tax issues for divorce, 商业评估专业知识, 欺诈和隐藏资产, 和 domestic partner issues 和 agreements. To learn more about any of these services that we provide, select the appropriate link below for more information.

皇冠足彩 today to set up an initial consultation for business/financial planning for divorce, or any of the many other family legal services that we provide. Our experienced family law 和 divorce attorneys have the knowledge 和 ability to assist you.

卡洛琳半圆, 泰勒粘土, 和 Steve Coggin (North Carolina Certified Paralegal) were terrific in h和ling my case. Carolyn was thorough on drafting the legal documents; Taylor kept me at ease, 史蒂夫在计算数据. This is a strong team when it comes to divorce, custody, 和 property division. J.R.